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We have a number of excellent qualified, accredited and Athletics Australia registered Coaches that cover all sessions available. 



Coach Cain is an accredited IAAF and ATFCA Level 4 coach.


Coach Cain has also been the Athletics Australia National Junior Coach for Combined Events for 5 years, as well as heading up the multi event athletes for the Athletics Victoria Target Talent Program for many more.


Head Coach - Strathcona Girls Grammar School

Head Coach - St Michael's Grammar

Head Sprints Coach - St Kevin's College

Head Coach - Box Hill Little Athletic Club


Head Coach - Gippsland Sports Academy

Athletics Victoria Development Officer

Multiple Australian Team Coach appointments - World Juniors, World University Games, Commonwealth Youth Games, Oceania Championships.

As an athlete, representing Australia at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow Scotland in 2014 and placing fifth was a major highlight of Cain’s track and field career.


Having been a talented junior athlete himself, Cain became an elite competitor internationally, was Australia’s leading Decathlete from 2009-2014, two-time Australian Decathlon Champion and six-time Victorian State Decathlon Champion, most recently in 2017.



Coach Craig Chapman's Qualifications & Associations:

  • IAAF Coach since 2009 

  • IAAF Level 3 Multi Event Coach (Primarily Little Athletics Events)

  • Head Coach of ‘Next Generation Athletics’ Squad at Whittlesea City LAC since 2011

  • Multus PC assistant Coach since 2018

  • ATFCA Member (2013 – 2016) 

  • ASADA Level 1 & Providing First Aid 

  • ASCA Level 1 (Strength & Conditioning) 2015

  • LAVIC JDS Coach since 2015

  • LAVIC ITTC Instructor since 2016 

  • Our Ladies Of Mercy College (GSV) – Support Coach since 2017

  • Mernda Central College – Athletics Sprint Program Coach since 2017

  • LAPS (Little Athletics Program for Schools) Skills Coach since 2015 

  • Athletics Australia Schools Program Skills Coach since 2016 


Coaching Achievements:

  • 2016/17 LAVIC Coach of the Year – Bronze Award 

  • 2017/18 LAVIC Coach of the Year – Silver Award

  • 2018/19 LAVIC Coach of the Year – Gold Award 


Coach Craig Chapman's dedication to coaching has awarded him with multiple athletes achieving the highest honours at State/National level.


“Athletics is the building blocks for every physical sport an athlete will venture into, being able to Run, Jump & Throw with technique requires time to nurture efficiently. Rehearsing these skills regularly at a young age sets up athletes to develop their technique in their development years to be proficient when reaching their adult prime”.


Coach Kathryn Brooks' Qualifications:

  • Level 2 Advanced Coach - Throws

  • First Aid + CPR

  • ASADA Level 1 & 2

Areas of Specialty: 

I coach all events, although focus on throws events (Discus, Shot Put and Javelin).  


Career Highlights:

As a Javelin thrower, I have represented Australia at the World U20 Championships (2016) and the World University Games (2017) and bring a wealth on knowledge and experience to every session that I coach.


Box Hill Little Athletics, Little Athletics Victoria (JDS), Lauriston (GSV), MLC (GSV + PE classes), Bialik, Camberwell Malvern Little Athletics, St. Michael's Grammar School (ASC), Throws Clinics.

"I am an athlete, a student (Bachelor of Science - The University of Melbourne) and a Coach who endeavours to produce athletes that strive to achieve their personal goals."



Coach Liam Schreck's Qualifications: 

  • Lv.1 Community Athletics Coach

  • Lv.2 Intermediate Club Coach


Areas of speciality:

Long and Triple Jump primarily, however, has flexibility in coaching all events due to his background in Decathlon.


Personal Athletic Career Highlights:

  • 2020 Victorian State Decathlon Champion


Coaching Experience:

Coach Schreck has been coaching with Multus since 2019 and has coached at:

  • Methodist Ladies College

  • Box Hill Little Athletics

  • St Michael's Grammar School

  • Strathcona Girls Grammar School


"Coaching is about more than simply developing talent, it is about developing people. My work as a coach affords me the opportunity to impart my knowledge and wisdom to young athletes to help them grow as both athletes and people."



Coach Mielczarek's Qualifications:

  • Level 1 community athletics coach


Areas of specialty:

  • Primarily Javelin

  • Shotput and discus


Career highlights:

  • 4x National Javelin Champion

  • Numerous state titles and records

  • Represented Australia at the Oceania Invitational as part of the 2021 World U20 championship team



  • Corio little athletics club, LAVIC JDS 


“My goal as a coach is to provide knowledge and guidance and build positive relationships with every athlete I coach. I believe a good coach is more than just someone who coaches sport, for me being able to provide athletes with knowledge and guidance on and off the track is pivotal when it comes to coaching. I hope to use my own experiences to aid growth and development in the athletic careers and lives of all the athletes I coach.”


Coach David Brock is currently busy in the Osteo clinic and will have his bio updated shortly. If you can't wait... just head to Vermont Heath and book an appointment with him

COACH REYNEKE - Currently @ College in the USA


Coach Seb Reyneke's Qualifications

  • Lv.1 Community Athletics Coach

As an athlete, Seb has achieved:

  • 2x world u20 Championships qualifications

  • Oceania U20 Champion

  • 4x National Age Group Decathlon Champion


Areas of speciality:

Being an international level Decathlete, Seb has the knowledge and ability to coach all athletic events.

Seb has a passion for athleticism and has worked hard to understand the underlying scientific principles and ways in which an athlete can increase it through training for technique and physiological adaptation.

Growing up doing multiple sports and only being recognised and moving into elite pathways later in his career, Seb has the experience and knowledge on how to support athletes to achieve their goals.


"I aim to build personal relationships with the athletes I coach, while developing and encouraging them to the best of my ability."



Coach Sam McDonald's Qualifications:

  • SCA level 1 

  • Level 1 Athletics Community Coach 

  • First AID level 1,2,3 and CPR  

  • Currently studying a bachelor’s degree in exercise and sports science majoring in physiology and strength and conditioning at Deakin university (graduate 2021)

  • Level 1 Canadian ski instructors alliance 


Areas of speciality:

  • Being a decathlete, I am able to coach many events but have a keen interest in the Long Jump and Javelin. 


Career highlights: 

  • State Decathlon Medalist 2020

  • Competing at the 2020 Open Australian combined events championships 


Experience Sporting & Coaching:

  • Athletics Coach at numerous schools and clubs since 2019

  • National level athlete since 2014/15 in the high jump, javelin and decathlon 

  • National level swimmer for many years

  • Swimming Coach since 2018

  • First XV Rugby player as an outside centre and flanker at Xavier college 

  • National level snowboard cross rider and slalom skier 



"Being a competitive athlete I am able to help other athlete I am able to encourage and motivate and help others reach their goals from a place of familiarity."

COACH MACKENZIE - Currently @ College in Hawaii


Coach Jess Mackenzie’s qualifications: 

  • Lv.1 Community Athletics Coach 

  • Lv.2 Intermediate Club Coach 


Areas of speciality: 

As an international level heptathlete, Jess is experienced coaching across the whole field of athletics in numerous events. 


Personal Athletic Career Highlights

  • Bronze Medalist at the Oceania Championships representing Australia 

  • 2x National Heptathlete Champion 

  • 6x National Medalist 

  • Numerous State titles over the past 6 years (Little athletics & Seniors) 


Coaching experience: 

  • Box Hill & Camberwell-Malvern Little Athletics Club 

  • King David School 

  • Maccabi Athletics Club 

  • Bialik College 

  • Kilvington Grammar School 

  • St Michael’s Grammar School 


“Athletics provides the encouragement and participation of all ages to try an abundance of different events at any level of capability. As once a junior athlete who did even sport under the sun and at a variety of levels from regional to international, track and field enhances the fundamental motor skills and underlines coordination basics. As a coach, I drive for athletes to reach their goals whilst flourishing as people in a community.” 

David Thomson.jpeg


As a Coach:

  • Current Level 2 advanced athletics coach + qualified IAAF kids athletics coach.

  • Certificate 4 in sport and recreation

  • Bachelor of Health Science majoring in Nutrition, exercise science and a minor in physical activity promotion.

  • Valued coach at multiple schools

  • 9 years coaching, taking beginners right through to National Champions in Sprints, Hurdles, Jumps, Pole Vault and Combined Events.


As an Athlete: 

  • 20 years experience

  • Australian Representative @ IAAF World Junior Championships in the Decathlon

  • Open National Medallist in Decathlon and Pole Vault.

  • Junior National Medallist in Combined Events

  • Pole vault Personal best 5.40m, Decathlon personal best- 7256 points



Coach Maddy McBrien is busy coaching right now and will have her bio updated shortly



Coach Phil Borg is busy coaching right now and is in the middle of writing his bio for you!



Coach Penny Giddy is busy coaching right now and is in the middle of writing her bio for you!



Coach Connor Sjogren’s Qualifications

  • Lv.1 Community Athletics Coach

  • First Aid Level 1 & 2

  • Sports trainer Level 1

  • Currently studying a double degree in Health Science and Osteopathy (graduate 2021)


Areas of speciality:

Primarily Long and High Jump with a special interest in exercise rehabilitation and how weight room exercises can most effectively supplement athletic performance.


Experience Sporting & Coaching:

  • 60 hours work experience programming and coaching strength and conditioning at Rise Performance for Rowville sports academy.

  • Coaching athletics since 2019

  • Wide variety of experience across multiple sports including Olympic weightlifting and gymnastics.

  • Sports massage and taping experience for multiple sports including AFL, Soccer and Netball.


“My favourite aspect of coaching is seeing an athlete break through barriers and achieve what was previously impossible”. 

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