Athletes & Parents share their experiences training with MULTUS.

“Steve's coaching has allowed me to excel in athletics to a point I didn't think I could reach so fast. In just one season of training with Steve he was able to help me improve my athletics a great deal. I first heard of Steve through one of my best mates that I did little athletics with. I was looking for a coach to just help me with my jumps, specifically long jump and high jump. With the first season of being coached by Steve, he helped me improve my long jump by over a meter and high jump by 15cm, which is by far one of the biggest improvements I have ever made over a season. It wasn't until the 2015-2016 started where I decided to start getting into athletics seriously. I was inspired by Steve to give the decathlon a go. I then started to train with Steve 1-3 days a week, to prepare myself for the state multi's and eventually nationals. with the help of Steve's coaching throughout the season I was able to take out the gold medal at the national championships.”​

- Gary Haasbroek in 2017 - State & National u20 Decathlon champion 2017. Gary went on to Silver at the 2018 World U20 Championships in Decathlon.  

 I just wanted to pass on my thanks for your great work not just over the last couple of days, but also over the past 12 months.


The improvement he has made in all his events (maybe not discus) has been amazing, but most of all, he has made some great friendships and I have seen a real growth in him as a young man since he has been working with you and your group.


As a parent, we do what we can to raise our kids well, but there are many people involved in that process and his coaches in all his sports have had a major impact on his upbringing. So thank you for being part of his "family" away from home and keep up the great work."

- Darren Schreck (Father)

“Thanks Steve. Thank you for all the hard work, effort, care and time you put into coaching all of us. You inspire me everyday to achieve my best, I couldn't ask for better coach!”​

- Seb Reyneke - Oceana u20 Decathlon Champion 2019

"To improve my running I felt that I needed to improve my running biomechanics by doing specific strength and conditioning training. To achieve this I needed a professional who understood running, coaching and specific gym - I was going to the gym for running and not to work on my beach muscles. Who better to over see my gym training than Australian Decathlete Steve Cain who works with athletes from various sports and institutes such as the VIS and AIS. I have been training with Steve for 4 months and are already noticing huge improvements in my running posture, joint range of motion and muscular strength. My running biomechanics continue to improve and this should translate later into my running results doing the same.
I have been so impressed by Steve's coaching and the gains that I am making that I have sent 8 of my own athletes to him. I have also referred several athletes from various sports such as tennis and soccer to him. All of these athletes have been noticing the improvements they are getting from doing gym sessions with Steve."

- Steve Dinneen (Runner, Coach and Osteopath)