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Athletes & Parents share their experiences training with MULTUS.

"As parents of a female athlete the choice of coach is an important decision - not only for the right approach to skill development and for the physical and emotional well-being of the person, but as someone who is likely to have a significant role in your child’s personal development.

Steve Cain has coached our daughter for 10 years and guided her from an enthusiastic Little Athletics participant to Australian representative. 

As a coach Steve has both theoretical and practical knowledge of the techniques for various athletics disciplines. As a Commonwealth Games Decathlete he has participated at the elite level in more aspects of athletics than most. 
His ability to guide athletes in refining technique is excellent - based not only on high level coach certification but also individualised to meet the athletes capacity, needs and style. He has the capacity to work well with athletes of varies personalities. 

His willingness to work flexibly with athletes in response to injury or other pressures has seen our daughter maintain interest and momentum despite considerable challenges arising from a medical condition. 
The focus is always on what CAN be done whilst careful management to ensure any injury is not exacerbated.

Steve encouraged our daughter from a young age to take a lead in setting clear goals for herself, was guided in how to modify these to juggle various commitments and also to maintain an optimistic and realistic view of the path ahead. Her goals have been focused on training, competition and leadership.  

As a female athlete Kat has been encouraged to share her knowledge and experience by mentoring younger athletes at Club and State level and work toward filling gaps in female coach availability. She has gone on to undertake coach certification and coaches individuals and school students as part of the Multus team - opportunities created by Steve.

Of particular note is the level headed approach Steve has encouraged in the Multus athletes both in terms of success and failure. Whilst our daughter has experienced many competition successes she has dealt with a number of set backs. Each time Steve has been there to support her through both triumphs and challenges. We attribute her resilient responses in part to her own innate approach but also to the way she has been guided by Steve and her Multus team mates to take a positive approach to each step of the journey. 
He will also utilise his broad networks in the athletics and sports medecine community to support athletes along their journey. 

Steve’s communication with the parents of Multus athletes has always been excellent , even as our daughter has grown into adulthood and we have stepped back somewhat. 

Steve has a strong positive influence on young people and contributes to the development of the person not just the athlete - drawing on his many years in Athletics but also youth development work with Rotary. 

Steve’s personal qualities endear many people to him. Optimism, hard work and humility are values he has always encouraged in the Multus athletes and, as always, he leads by example."

- Tess & Geoff Brooks, parents of Kathryn Brooks  21/12/2020

"We highly recommend Steve Cain and Multus Performance Coaching. Our son has been coached by Steve for just over 3 years. Steve always has the athlete’s best interests at heart and is fully supportive both at training and during competition. He takes a holistic approach to coaching, with personal development of the athlete a major focus. Steve doesn’t dictate to the athletes and always seeks the athlete’s feedback before offering his. 

His coaching style is very inclusive, and he manages to attract athletes who are hugely supportive of each other. The squad spirit is fantastic and they love socialising together, not only at training and competitions but outside of these as well. Squad camps are always looked forward to by the athletes, where Steve ensures there is loads of fun, while also incorporating valuable learning opportunities regarding goal setting, mindset, nutrition amongst others. 

Steve ensures that the athletes set themselves both short- and long-term goals. He then sets up flexible programs for each athlete (depending on their training level) where their training and competition are mapped out to monitor their progress and visualise how these goals can be achieved. Regular athlete testing is carried out to assess progress and areas for improvement, be it on the track, in the gym or in the field. When an athlete has an injury, Steve is very involved in the recovery process, amending training to ensure recovery takes place properly, without rushing back to full training before the athlete is ready. 

As a former decathlete, Steve fully understands the mental and physical demands of athletics and is very good at transferring this knowledge to his athletes, while always seeking to improve his own. Steve has a wealth of technical knowledge and the fact that a number of his athletes have also progressed to coaching across a broad range of events is testament to this. His ability to get the best out of his athletes is demonstrated by the achievements of his squad members, not only at State and National levels, but also by the number of his athletes who have represented Australia while coached by Steve.

Steve is perceived by his athletes as not just a coach but also as a friend, and all athletes are valued members of the squad. He has an inclusive approach to parents, who often have a high desire for their child to excel, and is understanding of this and willing to listen to their views. Our son definitely feels he’s part of the Multus family and we feel that Steve and his family are part of ours."

- Megan & Ivan Reyneke, parents of Sebastian Reyneke (U/20 Decathlete)

We’ve been lucky enough to be part of the Multus Squad for the last 6 years. We stumbled across Coach Stephen Cain when our eldest son was invited by a friend to a come-and-try session. As a family, we not only fell in love with the sport but also with the dedicated, supportive decathlon coach and his family who drives Multus.


Soon both of my boys were training with Stephen Cain and Multus. As parents we’ve always been at the track with training and competitions. Which gave us the incredible opportunity to witness first hand the exceptional way Steve coaches his athletes. 


He is not only teaching his athletes about the sport but also notices their potential and develops their skills in conjunction with the athlete and encourages them to become the best they can and always strive to be better. He believes in them when they don’t believe in themselves and encourages them to train/compete with everything in them, giving up is not an option.


Not only does he want the athletes to succeed on the athletic track but also in life. This is what we admire about Coach Cain. While training with Multus, his athletes learn very valuable life lessons like leadership, accountability, punctuality, perseverance, hope, teamwork and with achievements to always stay humble. Athletes finds it easy to trust and connect with him. Steve is always a role model and friend to our boys with handy advice through struggles, as they go through their life.


All of this he does with this calm and reassuring voice and face, takes care of each of his athletes with competitions and never seems to be stressed out. 


To Steve Cain: Your dedication and direction has put fire in our boys souls not only for the sport but also in the way they are living life. As parents we can’t thank you enough and we hope to be part of the Multus group for many years to come."

- Francois and Theresa Haasbroek, parents of Paul and Gary

“Steve's coaching has allowed me to excel in athletics to a point I didn't think I could reach so fast. In just one season of training with Steve he was able to help me improve my athletics a great deal. I first heard of Steve through one of my best mates that I did little athletics with. I was looking for a coach to just help me with my jumps, specifically long jump and high jump. With the first season of being coached by Steve, he helped me improve my long jump by over a meter and high jump by 15cm, which is by far one of the biggest improvements I have ever made over a season. It wasn't until the 2015-2016 started where I decided to start getting into athletics seriously. I was inspired by Steve to give the decathlon a go. I then started to train with Steve 1-3 days a week, to prepare myself for the state multi's and eventually nationals. with the help of Steve's coaching throughout the season I was able to take out the gold medal at the national championships.”​

- Gary Haasbroek in 2017 - State & National u20 Decathlon champion 2017. Gary went on to Silver at the 2018 World U20 Championships in Decathlon.  

 I just wanted to pass on my thanks for your great work not just over the last couple of days, but also over the past 12 months.


The improvement he has made in all his events (maybe not discus) has been amazing, but most of all, he has made some great friendships and I have seen a real growth in him as a young man since he has been working with you and your group.


As a parent, we do what we can to raise our kids well, but there are many people involved in that process and his coaches in all his sports have had a major impact on his upbringing. So thank you for being part of his "family" away from home and keep up the great work."

- Darren Schreck (Father)

“Thanks Steve. Thank you for all the hard work, effort, care and time you put into coaching all of us. You inspire me everyday to achieve my best, I couldn't ask for better coach!”​

- Seb Reyneke - Oceana u20 Decathlon Champion 2019

"To improve my running I felt that I needed to improve my running biomechanics by doing specific strength and conditioning training. To achieve this I needed a professional who understood running, coaching and specific gym - I was going to the gym for running and not to work on my beach muscles. Who better to over see my gym training than Australian Decathlete Steve Cain who works with athletes from various sports and institutes such as the VIS and AIS. I have been training with Steve for 4 months and are already noticing huge improvements in my running posture, joint range of motion and muscular strength. My running biomechanics continue to improve and this should translate later into my running results doing the same.
I have been so impressed by Steve's coaching and the gains that I am making that I have sent 8 of my own athletes to him. I have also referred several athletes from various sports such as tennis and soccer to him. All of these athletes have been noticing the improvements they are getting from doing gym sessions with Steve."

- Steve Dinneen (Runner, Coach and Osteopath)

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