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Update from Decathlete Seb, away on sports scholarship in USA for College

We’ve been missing this Multus-gentle-decathlete-giant at the Box Hill Athletics track now that coaching and training is back!

Seb Reyneke left us back in August for College in 🇺🇸 at University of South Alabama - home of the Jags! 🐆

A little update from the man himself:


“I’ve been gradually settling in to College and enjoying it more every day, obviously in a new country away from home I’ve missed my family, friends and familiar sights + with it being such a different experience it has taken time to get into the groove of things. Now that I’ve made good friends and am meeting new people all the time I’m starting to love it - especially being able to focus more on training recently, improving lots, living so close to friends and having stuff to do all the time.”


“On average I’ll probably train around 13 - 16 hours a week, I’ll normally train from 2:30 until 5:00-5:30 Monday to Friday and also have 30 minute sessions on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, I also have weights on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Compared to training with the squad in Melbourne, we do more events here each day but for less time in general, it is also somewhat flexible so if you feel like you need more work on one event or are feeling too sore for something it can be replaced with another.”


“Over here I also have 3 coaches instead of 1, for the throws I have a separate coach at times, we have our own specialised weightlifting coach and my multi event coach takes care of the rest. I would say compared to home we do a bit less distance and lactic work as well and a bit more plyometrics. At times here the training is a bit more independent due to my coach working with other people in my group at another event but the group size is also smaller here which means I can get more done in less time.

Over here The team also has an athletic trainer which is someone who looks after any injuries or niggles and refers us to specialists if needed.”


“I am in classes every day of the week but some days I have more classes and others I have less, at the moment I don’t really enjoy any of the classes because they are very general and aren’t anything I’m really interested in. I have roughly 13.5 hours of class a week and 5 hours of labs but they normally don’t take all that time.”

I am currently doing biomedical science on the pre medical track, I’m still deciding if this is the course I want to do though.


“The Competition Season will start in early January for me which I’m really looking forward to. While I have been enjoying aspects of College, I’m here to compete and that’s what I want to do and focus on.”

Good news for us, all things going well, Seb might be home for Christmas!


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